#10 – On Creating an Indie Travel Magazine, with Milly Kenny-Ryder

In this episode I talk with Milly Kenny-Ryder about how and why she launched the beautiful design-inspired indie travel guidebooks Weekend Journals, and the steep learning curve she and her partners faced in bringing all the various aspects together (choosing the paper stock, how to get a barcode, deciding which venues made it in the book). Where there’s a will, there a way…

Milly explains why they published without any investors in order to maintain creative control (they got a bank loan). We chat about the importance of following projects through to the end and the growing interest in independent publications in her same niche, and what that means for the digital versus print spaces.

This episode highlights the inspirational aspects of travel — I first talk with a young woman, Sylvia, who just took her first solo trip, to Morocco, and later in the episode I show Weekend Journals to Claire Matern of A Cheesemonger’s Daughter, and we talk about the kick in the butt we all sometimes need as creatives and entrepreneurs.

Follow Weekend Journals at @weekendjournals on instagram or visit weekendjournals.co.uk and Milly can be found at @millykr.

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