#11 – On Changing Social Structure With a Food Business, with Niki Kopcke

Niki Kopcke is the founder of Mazí Mas, a catering company and roaming restaurant in London that employs and trains migrant and refugee women. Mazí Mas is all about bringing the most unique part of a culture’s cuisine to you while transforming the misperception of migrant and refugee women. Niki’s work at the moment is focused on getting people to see migrant and refugee women as skilled professionals (which is exactly what they are).

Nikiis both a passionate creative — she loves food and cooking more than anything — and also a social entrepreneur. She’s found a way to take her feminism and activism into the core of the business she created.

We talk about all of this, how she got started on this path and how she made her business dream a reality that just continues to grow. We also talk about the real meaning behind the cliche “food made with love” and the joy of ice skating and ice cream.

“Good food is a gift.” Enjoy the episode!!

MAZI MAS – www.mazimas.co.uk

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