#12 – The Magic of Audio Storytelling, with Hester Cant feat. Brian Quinn

This episode is all about audio. “The idea that you can have something completely conjured by just closing your eyes is really special,” Hester Cant told me as we talked about why she chose her career path.

Hester and I talk about the intersection of food, culture and audio storytelling, and how what you wanted to do when you were 12 years old says a lot about what you should be doing with your life.

I also talk with my brother an incredibly talented & successful professional musician, who just happens to be my brother Brian. (He’s also the composer of the theme song for this podcast!) Brian shares his experiences as a professional musician, from how he first cast his net in the industry and how he flexes his creative freedom on the bass.

Brian is @funkybq on Insta — he’s also on FB

Hester is @hestercant on Insta and check out some of the shows she works on: BBC’s The Kitchen Cabinet, Honey & Co. podcast and some episodes on Radio Cherry Bombe.

And in celebration of a dozen episodes of the pod, I made an Instagram account for it! Follow @keepitquirkypodcast for updates, new episodes, and also favorite quotes from each episode. Thanks for listening!! <3

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