#16 – On Trading ‘Blogger’ for ‘Instagrammer’ with Izy Hossack

Izy Hossack is a twice-published cookbook author, her blog (Top With Cinnamon) was groundbreaking in the UK, and she’s killin’ it on Instagram (with over 220k followers!)- @izyhossack – redefining what the intersection of food, social media and nutrition can look like into the future.

Izy first gained international attention with her blog Top With Cinnamon when she was just 15 years old! Now, just about to graduate from university with a Food Science and Nutrition degree, she’s poised to take over anywhere she sets her sights.

(This episode continues my month of interviewing authors – thanks for your suggestions!)

In this episode, we talk about complicated relationships with social media, building community, and the nutritional aspects of food she’s learned with her Food Science and Nutrition degree that has actually helped her find more joy in the meals she eats.

Izy is awesome. I really enjoyed hanging with her for this interview, and I hope you feel like you’re in the room hanging with us, too! I hope you enjoy this conversation 🙂

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