#20 – On Having More to Unite Us than to Divide Us, with Yasmin Khan

“Food is a bit like music, theater, or good literature — it connects you to your heart. It drops into empathy.” -Yasmin Khan

Yasmin Khan is the best-selling author of “The Saffron Tales,” and her newest book “Zaitoun,” will be released the day after this episode publishes, on July 12! (Go get it, it’s incredible). She has a background of campaigning for human rights and transitioned into food writing and sharing stories from cultures around the world 5 years ago.

In this episode, we talk about how and why she made that transition, as well as some of the specific stories from her travels through Israel, the West Bank and Gaza for “Zaitoun.”

We also talk about the core belief that anything is possible, taking responsibility for the life we have, the good and the bad, the light and the dark. How food is the easiest way to access the fact that humans have more to unite us than to divide us, and what it really is to be authentic.

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