#21 – Personalized, Shoppable & Guided: Recipes Are Not Dead – Smart Kitchen Summit Panel [LIVE]

(photo above: Alan Rowlette Photography – Corporate Photography Dublin – Conference Photography Dublin – www.alanrowlette.ie – info@alanrowlette.ie – 083-4239138)

This episode is a little different than the norm: it’s the panel I moderated in Dublin, Ireland a few weeks ago at the Smart Kitchen Summit Europe. The Smart Kitchen Summit is a conference that lo

oks at the food + technology Venn diagram. What is the evolving role technology plays in our kitchens, and what are the implications of that?

This panel that I moderated had the panelists Lulu Grimes of BBC Good Food, Kishan Visani of DishQ, and Jon Jenkins of Hestan Cue. The title of our panel was, “Personalized, Shoppable and Guided: Recipes Are Not Dead.”

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