#23 – On Changing the Law to Make Gin Cool Again, with Sam Galsworthy of Sipsmith Gin

Sam Galsworthy is co-founder of Sipsmith, producers of classic London dry gin. In order to do so, though, he and he co-founder Fairfax first had to change a 200-year-old law. They did reverse it, and therefore gave life to the beverage landscape in the UK.

In this episode, Sam and I talk about what’s behind making things by hand/small batch, how Sipsmith changed the gin game — a ‘ginaissance,’ as he calls it — the different phases of entrepreneurialism, and not riding the trends, but rather sailing through them.

I love Sam’s formula for a successful entrepreneur: perseverance + determination + passion. “What entrepreneurship takes is grit,” he says.

If you’re listening to this episode live (Aug.1), just know that I’m taking about a month hiatus while I do lots of travel and work on various projects, but I’ve got some excellent episodes down the pipeline. So please subscribe if you haven’t yet so you don’t miss a thing!

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