#24 – On the Strategies to Start a Business, with Sarah Pettegree

Sarah Pettegree, aka the Pork Pie Queen, is the founder of the successful artisan savory pie business Bray’s Cottage Pork Pies. Based in Norfolk, England, she has elevated the classic pork pie by using local seasonal ingredients (she personally forages for wild garlic in spring) and by adjusting the traditional recipe to appeal to what she likes best…which just so happens to appeal to the modern palate, like omitting the squishy aspic jelly. [Good call, Sarah].

In this episode, Sarah tells me how and why she made the very conscious transition from management accounting to starting her own savory pie business. [Side note: savory pies are one of my favorite things about living in England. Why is this not a thing in the States?!] She talks about how she strategically determined how to position her company so that it could be a sustainable employment opportunity for her, and the importance of social media for her business in giving her access to others in the food industry all over the UK.

Sarah is kind and passionate and just lovely. One of my favorite takeaways from our conversation was when she compared herself and her fellow artisan friends in Norfolk to a group of twigs: when they’re together, they can’t be broken. Entrepreneurial solidarity!

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