#27 – Staying On Brand & the Power of Nostalgia, with Pooja Bavishi

Pooja Bavishi is the founder of Malai Ice Cream, which has been called “a taste of India in a cone.” (via Thrillist) Before starting Malai, Pooja worked in Fair and Affordable Housing and then got her Masters in Urban Planning. She then pivoted and went to business school, which set in motion her dream of owning a dessert business.

In this episode, Pooja and I talk about the importance of determining a strong brand off the bat – and how to do that – as well as acknowledging and incorporating unforeseen aspects, such as the importance of a direct-to-consumer model for a product as nostalgic as ice cream, in a very saturated industry. We also talk about finding ways to combat the isolation of entrepreneurship, gaining a community & sharing resources, and seeking mentors.

Thanks, too, to my best friend Lara, for sharing a few words at the beginning of the episode about her inspiring career transition.

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