#30 – On Piecing Together a Rockstar Career, Petit à Petit, with Lindsey Tramuta

Any francophiles out there?! I recorded today’s episode when I recently visited Paris and I’m thrilled to have Lindsey Tramuta on the pod – she’s the author of the hugely successful book “The New Paris,” published last year.

She describes her path, from young American gal infatuated with the French language, to hustling to find work in Paris, and the behind-the-scenes of getting a book published. [She also gives us the exclusive scoop on her NEW book, which will come out in 2020!!] She’s also the host of The New Paris podcast and the person behind the blog Lost In Cheeseland.

She’s an American woman who’s lived in Paris for over a decade, and she’s got quite the journey to share. Lindsey’s path to success is fascinating and just goes to show what happens when you follow your gut and stay true to your vision and hustle.

I also catch up with the guys behind La Main Noire, a collective of hand-crafted products like sticky chai tea and golden paste for a turmeric latte. “Innovative products for Inspired people,” is what they’re all about — and Ryan, Ludo and Quentin, the cofounders, tell us about how they met in Australia and launched their company in Paris years later.

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