#31 – On Living In the Moment (No Planning Required), with Chetna Makan

I’m thrilled to kick off Season 2 with Chetna Makan, who captured everyone’s heart and rose to stardom from her appearance on The Great British Bake Off (‘The Great British Baking Show’ in the US). If you know Chetna from the show, you’ll be surprised to hear that for most of her life, Chetna never baked! She lived in Mumbai and didn’t even have an oven….but food has always played an important role in her life, (even back when she was a bigwig in the fashion industry in her former career path).
In our conversation, Chetna talks about how she could’ve never planned any of what has happened in her life, and how and why she prefers it that way. “I’ve always lived in the moment. Why would I plan anything?!” She talks about her experiences shooting Great British Bake Off, and also shares her marriage advice for me 🙂 as well as her daughter’s oh-so scientific theory of the “3 stomachs.”

Chetna is now the host of the successful YouTube channel, Food With Chetna, and has published two books, with a third one ‘Chetna’s Healthy Indian,’ out January 31, 2019!
Here’s the YouTube video Chetna and I shot together of Egg Chops (i.e. Indian Scotch Eggs) — youtu.be/AY3aCElDoRg
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