#32 – How To Grab Life By the Balls, with Sam Conniff Allende [unedited]

Sam Conniff Allende is a speaker and social entrepreneur who has made major waves in England and around the world with his company Livity, “a transformation engine” for young people. Among his accolades, he’s been awarded recognition from the Queen (!), and has just recently authored a best-selling book, “Be More Pirate.”

We talk about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship — Sam tests me with his checklist for a healthy balance as an entrepreneur. (It’s a list you want to take note of if you’re self-employed!) We had a discussion about what it really means to have or be a mentor, and it shined so much light for me on this sometimes intimidating status.

“A good mentor is someone who can look back at where you are looking forward to.”

“Be More Pirate,” which has just been released in the US (it’s already a hit in the UK), explores the concept of rebellion — or being someone who’s willing to risk everything for their values.

I got SO MUCH out of this conversation, I really hope you’ll enjoy it.

Show notes:

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