#34 – On the Constant Pursuit of Creativity with Rachel Khoo

Rachel Khoo does so many creative endeavors: cookbooks, travel TV shows, cooking TV shows, running a lifestyle magazine…just to name a few of them. Most recently, she released her 6th cookbook — “The Little Swedish Kitchen.”

She first hit the international media scene with her BBC show The Little Paris Kitchen and cookbook of the same name, and has since then expanded her brand to include discovery and inspiration worldwide. As you’ll hear her talk about, she describes her big passion as simply: finding creative solutions for ANYTHING. We walk through the little steps of her path that have gotten her to big goals, and she also candidly talks about some of the new obstacles in her career, but the things she’s learned along the way that help her navigate the challenges of professional life.

Her pursuit of creativity has gotten her far, but she’s quick to note that failures along the way are a part of the journey.

I have admired Rachel’s work for many years, but as I’ve gotten to know her since moving to London (which she visits frequently although she lives in Stockholm, Sweden now), I have really come to respect her hustle.

Some of my favorite Rachel quotes from this conversation:

“Little steps get you to the big goal. Work your way backwards.”

“Nothing comes from nothing. If you want something — you’ve got to make it happen.”

“Try to surround yourself with people who will elevate you; who will push you.”

“Expect failure. Don’t feel like it’s going to stop you. Make that failure into advantage. Turns things on their head.”

I chatted with Rachel at the Khoollect studio in London. I loved this conversation with her — I hope get as much out of it as I did!

Show notes:

Swedish Buns & Fika, feat. Rachel Khoo // STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: https://youtu.be/Rww0uCDZZpc

Rachel Khoo’s Cardamom Bun Bombe! – Recipe from ‘The Little Swedish Kitchen’: https://youtu.be/FYIeJzVrBDc

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