#38 – The Importance of Creativity in Building a Brand, with Pippa Murray

Today’s guest is Pippa Murray who, 5 years ago, founded Pip & Nut, which is “arguably the brand that kicked off the nut butter revolution” in the UK [The Independent].

Pippa began her career in the creative arts! In her early twenties, she was working as a theater producer when she started her nut butter side hustle — making various peanut and almond butters at home and selling them at a local market.

Pippa shares how rewarding it was to start this business and also how her brand has developed over the years. “The power of design and creativity should never be underestimated,” she says. We also talk about carving out time and space for creativity, even/especially as a sole entrepreneur.

Something that is increasingly important to me in the products I buy is the sustainability factor as well as social responsibility, and Pippa and I talk about how Pip & Nut puts efforts toward doing good as a business. Pip & Nut not only has a range of nut butter flavors, they also produce nut milk, they published a cookbook, and they put on events — all of which contribute to bringing the brand to life.

I’m amazed by what Pippa has created, and I so enjoyed talking with her. I hope you enjoy our conversation, too!

Left to right: Charlie the dog, Pippa Murray and Katie Quinn

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