#43 – Define Passion for Yourself, with Mike Greenfield

Mike Greenfield is a passionate cook, teacher, on-camera host and filmmaker. He’s one half of the Brothers Green Eats duo; what began as a little YouTube channel with his brother Josh, the show now has 1.3 million subscribers and has had major spin-offs, such as a series on MTV International.

A decade into this career, Mike continues to find inspiration in teaching people how to be self-sufficient in the kitchen, and loves deep-diving into things like sourdough bread baking and making kombucha. He has created courses — video tutorial series — which are separate from his YouTube content, to help people get on their feet with these sometimes tricky fermented items and other kitchen skills.

Mike and I talk about timeless food content, his journey of trying to stay authentic on YouTube and why he defines himself as not just a food host, but a filmmaker (rightly so).

Katie and Mike in his tiny Brooklyn kitchen 2019

Show notes :

Watch the YouTube collaborations Mike and I have done in the past:

Beginner’s Guide to Curing Meat at Home — https://youtu.be/VGZch3T_Qy0

5 Creative Ways to Use Avocados — https://youtu.be/kUG1soj9bfM

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