#45 – On Investing In Yourself, with Frankie Celenza

Frankie Celenza is a video personality and cook, with a hugely successful Tastemade show called Struggle Meals. In this episode we talk about how his career evolved from studying music production in college (where he would cook Italian meals in his dorm and sell plates to his classmates), to producing/hosting/shooting/editing a food television show for his local New York television station … to being one of the most recognized faces in the digital food space.

We talk about finding momentum in your career and the importance of keeping in motion, how A.D.D. and dyslexia didn’t stop him from pursuing his passions and finding his genius, why you never make “it,” because “it” is a moving target, and his bicycle wheel metaphor for career strategies and visualization.

Frankie’s the bomb. I hope you enjoy the episode!

Katie and Frankie in Brooklyn, recording the podcast

Show notes :

Video that Frankie and Katie did together for Tastemade:


Katie’s video about British English/American English food translations:

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