#46 – The Fuss About Natural Wine & the Cheesy Decisions Behind Cheddar

Let’s look at the raw craft of food: low intervention wine & cheese…

I start this episode with some BIG NEWS! I’m writing a book!! (HarperCollins William Morrow will publish it in spring of 2021!) I give a quick breakdown of what it’s about, and how it relates to today’s guests….

In front of their home, that’s a converted horse stable! South London

First up, I talked with the founder of Natural Born Wine, Oli and Sam. They began their wine importing company three years ago, a career shift for both of them (they came from a writing background). I love their story of how they got into this path, which is unexpected and delightful, and we talk about what it means for a wine to be a natural wine, and the principles behind wines that are biodynamic.

I also talked with Tom Calver of Westcombe Dairy. Westcombe’s beloved Cheddar is made in Somerset, England (the area that’s home of Cheddar cheese!). He and I talk in their Cheddar maturation cave about what it means to make cheese with raw milk, the concept of farming with flavor, and why he’s not a cheese elitist.

Westcombe Dairy, Somerset, UK

In this episode, I wove together the wine and cheese interviews because I wanted to make a connection between these two seemingly very different products and the paralleled issues they face of agricultural principles, taste, quality and the larger values at play.

I hope you enjoy the episode!

–Natural Born Wine–

Instagram & Twitter // @naturalbornwine

Website // www.naturalbornwine.com/

–Westcome Dairy–

Instagram // @westcomedairy

Website // www.westcombedairy.com/

–Keep It Quirky–

Instagram // @keepitquirkypodcast

Katie Quinn on Insta & Twitter // @qkatie


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