#49 – All Cultures Are an Evolution, with Italy Expert Katie Parla

Katie Parla is a Rome-based food and beverage author/writer/food journalist/cookbook author and guide. She also cohosts a fantastic podcast, GOLA, with a woman named Danielle and they deep-dive into everything food & drink in Italy. Katie recently released her newest cookbook, “Food of the Italian South,” in which she tells us how those southern regions of Italy differ in personality (and food!) from the rest of the country.

We discuss the role language plays in her life and career (she’s fluent in Italian). We also talking about staying true to yourself and values as a writer, especially when the gray area of brands pops in. One of my favorite quotes of hers: “I made a conscious decision to not act as a public relations agent of brands a long time ago. I just say what I believe in, and that’s not always popular, but I’m okay with that.”

She also tells us some great Romanesco insults, and she teaches us how to say keep it quirky in Italian! It’s a fun episode — I hope you enjoy it!


–Katie Parla–

Instagram & Twitter // @katieparla

Website // katieparla.com

Podcast GOLA // https://anchor.fm/gola

–Keep It Quirky–

Instagram // @keepitquirkypodcast

Katie Quinn on Insta & Twitter // @qkatie


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