#56 – The BEST Choc Chip Cookies (and Life Lessons from Baking), with Ravneet Gill

Pastry chef Ravneet Gill and Katie Quinn talking via Zoom during quarantine.

Ravneet Gill is a London pastry chef who is behind the wildly popular pop-up Puff Bakery (with her partner Nicola Lamb), she started the technology company CounterTalk to be a community for people in the hospitality industry, and just released a cookbook called “The Pastry Chef’s Guide.”

She’s worked as pastry chef in restaurants as impressive as Michelin-starred St. John Restaurant … the head chef there, Fergus Henderson has said that she’s not only incredibly talented, but is exceptional at nurturing a positive environment in any place she works.

Her bio says it well: “Ravneet Gill is a bonafide badass and her drive to cut through the crap and not take the accepted norms of the food world lying down is being applauded throughout the industry.”

We talk about how she gets cheeky with her desserts, the pros and cons of going to culinary (cookery) school, what inspired her to start CounterTalk in the first place, how she got her book deal, and starting an inspired cookie revolution during quarantine.

Rav says, “follow a few rules and break a few rules,” — in pastry, and in life. She truly knows how to KEEP IT QUIRKY!

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Her book: The Pastry Chef’s Guide (so good!)

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