#58 – Why Bangladeshi Food Isn’t Just “Indian Food,” with Dina Begum

British-Bangladeshi cook and author Dina Begum shares her passion for Banglashesi cuisine.

Photo courtesy of Dina Begum

Dina Begum is a British Bangladeshi cook and writer. She’s the author of “The Brick Lane” cookbook, a member of the Guild of Food Writers, and she’s hosted Bangladeshi pop ups at Darjeeling Express, as part of their #WomenInFood series. 

In this episode, we talk about how she found her groove in the food world and the events that led up to her being one of the foremost spokespeople for Bangladeshi cuisine. “This is my time to cook my way out of grief,” she says. We also talk about the importance of distinguishing Bangladeshi cuisine rather than lumping it in with all other SouthEast Asian cuisines as “Indian food.”  “I think it’s about embracing everything,” she says, when she describes how she adores both Bangladeshi food and British cuisine, “I LOVE baking, and there’s nothing more British than that!”

Dina came on my YouTube channel previously and showed us how to make lentil fritters, or dhaler bora: https://youtu.be/VuHEQCBKwMo

She’s got a wonderful story and she’s full of so much passion and hope, it’s absolutely contagious! I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed talking with her.

Dina and host Katie Quinn in London, 2017




The Brick Lane Cookbook: https://www.kitchenpress.co.uk/portfolio-item/brick-lane/





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