#60 – Traveling Solo as a Woman of Color, with Oneika Raymond

Oneika Raymond is the woman behind “Oneika the Traveller” — the blog and Instagram platform — and she’s also a video host personality and international speaker.

Oneika Raymond with host Katie Quinn

This episode was originally posted in 2017 when Oneika and I had just finished shooting a video series together in the USA. It was episode #2 of this podcast!! I LOVE this episode, and am reposting it to give it new life now, as it is just as relevant right now as it was then. If you enjoy this podcast, you will LOVE this episode. Relistening to it made me feel inspired and in awe of my amazing friend Oneika all over again. 

In this conversation, we talk about travel (of course) and how it’s important for Oneika, as a Jamaican-Canadian, to represent diversity in the travel sector, she doesn’t see much of other people who look like her. We talk about being your own brand, the importance of being open to hard discussions online, and maintaining grace. 

Oneika Raymond via her Insta @oneikatraveller







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