#62 – The “Accidental Entrepreneur” Path, with Patrice Poltzer

Patrice Poltzer is the founder of Patrice Poltzer Creative, a boutique video production company, and she also runs successful video storytelling bootcamps and teaches masterclasses on similar topics. 

Credit: Patrice Poltzer

As a self-described “late bloomer,” Patrice shares her story with us, in which she has consistently taken risks, and each risk (whether it ‘succeeded’ or ‘failed’) catapulted her into the next phase of her career. “Get comfortable taking risks,” she says.

She also talks about how an element of success is a numbers game, about how stagnancy is the death of creativity. She busts the myth that someone is “born to be an entrepreneur” and she shares practical, useful techniques to jump start your own initiative. Ever heard that motherhood is the end to your career in media? Well, Patrice is proof that not only is that completely false, but she shares how being a parent launched the best things that have happened in her professional life.

I’ve known Patrice for years now and it’s been a joy to see her journey first-hand, I think you’ll really enjoy this conversation. Patrice is an open book — learn from her pages! 🙂

Patrice and Katie back in 2015 in a video on QKatie YouTube channel


Instagram: @patricepoltzer

To Sign up for her free Masterclass on Video Storytelling: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/23/9vlo7s6


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