#63 – I Want This Guy’s Creative Drive, with Julian George

Julian George

This episode is a lesson in hustle with a creative leader.

Julian George epitomizes the term “creative entrepreneur.” He runs a creative house, Made by Humans, and the company Chef Signatures, which includes videography, photography, and representation for chefs. Julian describes his background — being raised in Southeast London primarily by his mother, an immigrant to England from Sierra Leone, and how he was on the lawyer path until his early twenties, when he became curious in media production. 

He started out at IMG Studios, followed by an in-house editing role at Discovery. He wrote and co-produced a short film which won an

award and he also founded a digital magazine, The Maior Magazine, which went on to win an award. He’s worked with some of the most renowned figures in the hospitality industry and forged a reputation as a highly respected food photographer and videographer.

Throughout his career, he has consistently worked two concurrent jobs — usually the one day job to pay the bills, and the added job to explore his newest passion. Even when the passion project has become the day job (as it often did, because Julian is a really talented guy), he never stopped chasing his next interest, following his next vision. “If I have the idea, I will find a way to try and execute it.” A father of two young girls, he also talks about how fatherhood has helped him prioritize his creative projects. 

“If I have an idea, I don’t look at the boundaries, I just say let’s go.” 

Julian is a great person, and his perspective on his career — “I’m in it for the learning” — is such a refreshing and necessary outlook adjustment. I hope you like this episode!

Julian George



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