#65 – Pivot Toward Your Passion, with Hana Asbrink

Hana Asbrink is the Executive Editor at Chowhound, and has an impressive resume that includes everything from being a senior editor at Food52 to working in the kitchen at Michelin-starred chef Jean-George’s ABC Kitchen restaurant in Manhattan. She also has her Masters in Journalism and attended the French Culinary Institute. 

Hana Asbrink in the Food52 office in NYC, from @hanaasbrink

From behind a desk to behind the cutting board, from working for startups to major outlets and dappling in the freelance game (where she founded Pantry Confidential), Hana has a wealth of experiences that anyone interested in food media will love, and what’s more is that her path proves that there is no such thing as a predictable, perfect path in this industry. (if it even exists at all these days!)

In our conversation, Hana talks about being born in South Korea and her earliest food memories there (communal eating, fermented things!) to moving to NYC with her immigrant parents, as well as her love of travel (Paris!). We also chat about how to follow your passions in a way that opens up career opportunities, what it means to her to be an executive editor — the parallels she sees of being a mom and leading a team of people.

Hana Asbrink and Katie Quinn talking for the podcast via Zoom


INSTAGRAM – @hanaasbrink

PODCAST ‘TABLE TALK’ – https://www.chowhound.com/food-news/table-talk-podcast/

YOUTUBE videos ‘Mood Food’ – www.youtube.com/HanaAsbrink





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