#67 – This Woman Has the Single Coolest Career Path, with Cree LeFavour

Author Cree LeFavour, www.creelefavour.com/

Author Cree LeFavour has the kind of writing career many creatives (ahem, myself included) dream of. She’s authored four cookbooks (and has ghostwritten countless others), an acclaimed memoir, and most recently — a novel! She has such an intuitive relationship with her creativity, and it was an absolute delight to talk with her about her path, and the sparks that have led the work she’s done.

Katie Quinn reading Cree’s novel Private Means, summer 2020

In this episode, we start by talking about her new novel, “Private Means,” which is a fascinating (and sometimes rather sexy!) book that is, on the surface, about a middle aged couple that loses their beloved dog and the unraveling that occurs thereafter…but of course what’s it’s really about is human relationships. It’s funny & thought provoking, dark & wry. We discuss her writing process and how writing a novel was different than writing her memoir, “Lights On, Rats Out,” which came out a few years ago. 

If you’re a foodie, check out the cookbooks she’s written, “The New Steak,” “Fish,” “Pork,” and “Poulet.” How did she become this literary badass from a career in writing cookbooks? We’ll hear all about that, and the twists and turns her life as presented….they seem at one hand so varied, and yet it all seems to weave it together so wonderfully.

And of course, we talk about embracing your quirkiness/weirdness (literary and otherwise).








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