#7 – On Baking Without Borders, with Henrietta Inman, ‘The Natural Baker’

This episode is with Henrietta Inman, pastry chef and cookbook author, talks with me about WHY she loves using untraditional baking ingredients (it’s not just to be “healthy”) and she also talks me through how her love of gardening and hosting people at her home has influenced her career.

I learn the term “eaty-talky,” she makes Zoolander references and we agree that social media somehow seems even more of a double-edged sword when you’re self-employed. She talks us through her experiences writing her two cookbooks (her second, “The Natural Baker,” just released).

I hope you see from our conversation that although Henrietta has thrown out the rulebook of what a delicious baked treat can or should be, she uses her creativity, sharp baking skills and generous spirit to convince us all of her food philoso


Thanks to Charlotte Hu for the extra motivation to start this podcast in the first place, and for sharing her words of wisdom with us all at the top of this episode. Follow her at @charlottehuco on Instagram.

Follow Henrietta on Instagram @henriettainman to find out about her upcoming pop-ups and find “The Natural Baker” cookbook online.

Big thanks to Better Almond Butter for supporting this episode. You can get Better Almond Butter in three flavors: Sweet & Salty, Toasted, and Truly Raw. Head on over to betteralmondbutter.com and buy it with offer code KEEPITQUIRKY to get 10% off your entire purchase.

I hope you like the episode; thanks for listening!

502 thoughts on “#7 – On Baking Without Borders, with Henrietta Inman, ‘The Natural Baker’”

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