#8 – On the Era of Reluctant Entrepreneurs, with Ed Levine, founder of Serious Eats


Ed Levine is the founder of the popular website Serious Eats, a food site that now has over 10 million unique visits a month. Prior to founding Serious Eats, he had written about food for the New York Times, had written some books, and he wanted to create “a place online that was like a clubhouse for food enthusiasts — for people who wanted to share their passion.” That’s exactly what he’s done with Serious Eats and the SE community.

In this episode, we talk about how he founded his company (and how everyone at the time thought he was crazy), about the stage he’s in right now, having sold Serious Eats with one foot in the company but the other food in new ventures: hosting his podcast, Special Sauce, and writing his memoir.

We also discuss how immigrants refresh a culture’s food scene in a way nothing else can, why food is the great common ground, and we cover so much else about both food and business — including Ed’s perspective on the current era of entrepreneurs, reluctant as we may be to call ourselves entrepreneurs.

I hope you enjoy the episode!! I can’t say enough positive things about Ed, and I loved having this conversation with him.

Check out his podcast, Special Sauce: https://www.seriouseats.com/features/special-sauce-podcast

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