#9 – On Selling a ‘Weird’ Product, with Adam Vanni of Jarr Kombucha

In this episode I talk to Adam Vanni, director and co-founder of Jarr Kombucha. He gives me a tour of Jarr’s production facilities in East London and we talk about how they launched this product in a market where people didn’t understand what kombucha was. We consider how much luck may have to do with beginning a company from scratch, and the importance of community to make an idea reality.

We talk a bit about the science behind kombucha and we touch on the health benefits, as well as how it gets its flavor and distinctive fizz. We also hit on the fermentation “trend” that has recently gained momentum.

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At the beginning of the podcast when I talk about Ayurveda, I refer to Jasmine Hemsley’s cookbook “East by West.”

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