Hello! The Keep It Quirky podcast is hosted by Katie Quinn and we hope this page answers any questions you may have!

Who can I contact for business inquiries?

Hello! We’d love to hear from you. Please email keepitquirkypodcast@gmail.com.

Why is this podcast called Keep It Quirky?

As driven, passionate people — sometimes it’s easy to take our lives very seriously. We think that life is better and, indeed, happier, when you maintain that drive, but keep a sense of quirkiness to your day-to-day! Don’t take yourself too seriously; you can still be a total rockstar and get sh*t done!

Katie is a video creator, why did she start a podcast?

Hi! Katie here. Simply put, I love podcasts. I wanted to create the kind of content I love consuming. Plus, I realized how many incredible, inspirational people I’ve met throughout my journey and I thought it was about darn time I start sharing their stories!