#68 – How a Childhood Nomad Became a Foodie, with Jenny Linford

Photo courtesy of Jenny Linford

Jenny Linford is the food writer behind the massively popular Food Lover’s London guides, Great British Cheeses, and many more drool-worthy books. Her most recent book is an absolute joy — The Missing Ingredient: The Curious Role of Time in Food and Flavor.

She currently lives in London, but has lived in Italy, Singapore (where her mother is from), Trinidad, and Ghana. In this episode we talk about the affect travel during the early years of her life has had on not only how she sees food culture, but also how she writes and how she experiences life.

We chat about the deeply ingrained cultural aspects of food, writing as a conduits for others, and the satisfaction of doing something you believe in. It was a pleasure to talk at length with Jenny; I hope you enjoy our chat!

Jenny’s latest book


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