#61 – My Favorite YouTuber is a High School Dropout, with Jen Phanomrat

Jen Phanomrat [from @jeneatslife on Instagram]

Jen Phanomrat is an on-camera food personality — one half of the food & lifestyle video company Just Eat Life. You may recognize Jen from her work with Tastemade, including her hit show Just Jen. She also won an episode on Food Network’s Chopped! (She and I competed against each other on that episode … and she totally deserved that win!)

Jen’s a dear friend of mine, and I’ve wanted her have her on the podcast for so long. I’m thrilled to bring you all this conversation because there are so many gems about life as a creative entrepreneur in here. Jen’s path is one of courage and persistence, and I hope you find it as inspirational as I do.

Jen and Katie in 2017

Follow her: @jeneatslife on Instagram, and on YouTube –> https://www.youtube.com/user/JustEatLifeTV

Follow the host @qkatie on instagram, and to follow the podcast it’s @keepitquirkypodcast

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