#53 – Polly Russell’s World of Curiosity & the British Library’s Food Series

Polly Russell is a food historian and curates the Food Season at the British Library, an annual series of events. In her role as curator of Contemporary Politics and Public Life at the British Library, she looks at all of her work through the lens of food. She has a PhD in Food! (Her doctorate looked at food and the politics of identity in post-war Britain.) She writes a fantastic column for the Financial Times called “The History Cook,” and has presented for the BBC.

Katie Quinn and Polly Russell at the British Library, November 2019

I absolutely loved talking with Polly, and I’m thrilled to be sharing the audio from one of the Food Season events that she curated: Women In Cheese, hosted by Bronwen Percival (of Neal’s Yard Dairy), who interviewed Mrs. Ruth Kirkham and Carrie Rimes — both incredible cheesemakers. So after my chat with Polly, stick around to listen to panel discussion.

By keeping curiosity at the forefront and resisting boundaries, Polly Russell curates events that are fascinating and entertaining, both; make sure to see what’s on at next year’s Food Season at the British Library.

Thanks to Polly and Susannah Stevenson at the British Library, the audio engineering team there, and thanks to Bronwen Percival, Mrs Ruth Kirkham, and Carrie Rimes.

British Library’s Food Season // www.bl.uk/events/food-season

British Library’s 2019 Food Season event: Women in Cheese. Left to right: Mrs. Ruth Kirkham, Carrie Rimes, and Bronwen Percival.

–Polly Russell–

Instagram // @the_history_cook

Twitter // @pollyrussel1

The British Library podcast: Anything but Silent

–Keep It Quirky–

Instagram // @keepitquirkypodcast

Katie Quinn on Insta & Twitter // @qkatie


Theme song music by Funky Brian, @bqfunk on Instagram

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