#39 – Storytelling Around the World, with Rachel Rudwall and Roamaroo

My guests in this episode roam the world for their careers; sharing stories around the globe with their audiences. They have “the dream job,” but there are also some challenges. We dig into the pros and the cons, all of it.

Rachel Rudwall is an Emmy-nominated storyteller and adventurer, having living in 3 countries and travelled to over 70 nations.

With Rachel Rudwall in Los Angeles in 2015 (that’s a decade after we met each other in college in Ohio!)

Collette and Scott Stohler are a husband and wife team, not just in their travels but in their business, Roamaroo, which shares stories of fun and wellness everywhere on earth.

Interviewing Scott & Collette from afar for this episode

— Rachel Rudwall —

Instagram & Twitter // @rachelroams

Website // www.rachelroams.com

— Scott & Collette, aka Roamaroo —

Instagram & Twitter // @roamaroo

Website // www.roamaroo.com

–Keep It Quirky–

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Katie Quinn on Insta & Twitter // @qkatie

Have you scrolled this far down? Congratulations, as a prize I’m giving you a photo of Rachel and I from our college years, when we were roommates senior year (pictured here with our dear friends Kirby and Lara!)

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